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What makes this website different is that it the total size is tiny, meaning load time is extremely quick. It only uses standard html, php and css, simply it works effortlessly with all web browsers and does NOT require Java, Flash or any other plug-in to make it work or look good. It will not cause any popup security warnings or ask to install any plug-ins. It is also perfectly sized for new smart phones.

The Website is fully responsive, so it will adjust to any screen size for maximum compatibility, it is designed as a simple one page websites to cover most aspects that a small business would want at a very an affordable price. Additional pages can be added, along with customized features, It includes as standard a Basic Text Logo or insertion of your existing logo, A Click to call button (ideal for mobile phones), contact details and a contact From. Also an option for a simple but stylish Photo Gallery.

This is a turnkey ready to go website after only a few changes and the insertion of your information, Hosting is in Sydney Australia for Maximum Speed and Reliability.

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